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10 insignias. 1 of the Nathareem symbol and 1 for each of the major factions of Nathareem. Colored is preferable. I will provide descriptive information to anyone who is interested. 
I need an image of 10 characters in color, with name cards. This piece is intended for use in a novel.
...around here is good at drawing non-erotic, non-comedic, non-horrific images of pregnant women, aliens and soldiers?

                This is a brief description of an original IP I'm working on. I'm writing both a table top RPG and a series of novels. I hope to have both professionally published, but the current plan is to release them as PDFs on a payed download site. Eventually, I want to create a system that allows fan fictions and theories to be incorporated into cannon and 1 cannon can be shared across multiple medias. I hope people like what happens in my novels, but those novels will never be adapted into movies, TV shows or video games so long as I have anything to say about it. There's no way to tell the exact same story in an adaptation. I have ideas for movies, TV shows and video games that can spin off from the novels if needed. I know there's a good chance that it'll never go that far, but I certainly want it to. So, it seems like a good idea to build it in from the very start.

                I’ll be commissioning art work related to this IP in the future. I am willing to pay a lump sum for art work or arrange for royalties. I will not use any image I have not paid for in a product, even if it is being given as a gift or fan art. So if you’re inspired by something you read below, make sure to provide a payment option so I can include it in a publication.

                Nathareem is the collective name of all locations that can be reached with current technology. It consists of 26 proper galaxies and countless extra-galactic objects across 7 different universes and several pocket dimensions. Many things, most notably galaxies, exist in multiple universes but are very different from their counterparts. Nobody knows just how large Nathareem is. It is always expanding as new gates and catapults are built and new space explored.


                The most important or well established parts of Nathareem -homeworlds, capitals, colonial super powers, ground breaking research facilities- make up Sosd. The most reliable network of gates, catapults and com relays make it possible for people on the farthest points of Sosd to have real time telecommunications, or travel from 1 end of Sosd to the other in a matter of hours. The best technology and safest civil governance exist in Sosd.

                Kaer is the rest of Nathreem. Areas that may take days, weeks or even years to reach if you can find them in the first place. Unlike Sosd, Kaer feels as big as it is. There's no telling what someone might find in Kaer. There are entire civilizations descended from a single crashed ship's crew, who forgot their homeworld generations ago. There are outlaw nations hiding from civilization in the wild frontier. There are planets that are home to intelligent species centuries away from space travel. There are countless treasures surrounded by even more dangers.

                The Bwesha territories are somewhere in between. They are far enough out of the way that getting to them requires a few days and communication with Sosd can be pricey. Going from Kaer to Sosd takes time, effort and resources. Gates and catapults don't come cheap.

                Humans often refer to these three regions as the first world, third world and developing world respectively.

                The seven known habitable dimensions are named Bal, Heen, Ar, Galt, Im, Utagee and Mil. The 9 galaxies that are part of Nathareem are Sonasa, Mannak, Lololo, Bowheent, Gibnert, Kal, Chip, Tat and Vin. Sonasa (the Milky Way) is the only galaxy that exist in all 7 dimensions. Sol exist in 4 and Earth exist in 2, but only developed life in Ar.

                A catapult is currently being built on the edge of Lololo Heen to send ships to the galaxy currently known as Jolm with components for a return catapult to be built on the other side.


                A network of quantum transceivers on nearly every planet, station and ship in Sosd allows for instant and affordable communication and acquisition of information and media all across Sosd and many other arias. Virtually everyone owns a portable terminal that they use to access this network. Each star fairing government has its own version of the Internet with its own coding and browsing methods so if a Ra-O on Halijun wants to watch cat videos from Valentine (a human colony renowned for animal breeding and genetic modification, there are people who refer to it as "Planet Cheeseburger") they'll need an interpretation program. 

                Taliond is a neutral data transfer network used by all of Sosd’s major factions. More and more people are using Taliond in place of their species’ version of the internet. But Taliond isn’t governed by any laws just yet, so illegal data is rampant. Some see this as a good thing.

                So is a simple, provisional trade language known by nearly all intelligent creatures who travel Nathareem that allows people from countless different species or cultures to communicate as needed. All pronouns are non-gendered as gender is far from a universal constant. There are no synonyms or homonyms. Most locations in Sosd and the Bwesha territories have laws prohibiting use of slang and improper grammar in order to protect So from developing regional affects. So also has universal units of measurement and a base 12 number system. Nearly every intelligent being in Sosd speaks So while only a handful of people in Kaer or the Bwesha territories would speak it.

                Shelanat is the standard by which the various currencies of Nathareem are compared to each other. Shelanat is mostly imaginary. Nobody has any of it. Nobody can spend it. It isn't minted anywhere. Shelanat exist only as a numerical value describing the value of different currencies. Union Stars (Human) are valued at 6.2 Shelanat while Din (Nanka) is valued at 17.557 Shelanat, almost 3 times the value of Union Stars. Most stores and services that expect to have customers from multiple cultures post prices in Shelanat. Shelanat appraisal is a major industry in Nathareem. And appraiser may be pricing anything from a cargo hold full of rare vegetables to an entire star system just so they can be bartered.


                The RPG takes place roughly 250 years from now at a time when Humans have long since developed space travel. Of the species, available as player characters the Valep were the first to develop FTL space travel, a little over 800 years ago. Today, there are 6 different methods of traveling in Nathareem: conventional transit, FTL cruising, hyper speed catapulting, dimensional gates, spacial jumps and portals. All vehicles are capable of at least 1 of these methods of travel and a remarkable few are capable of all of them.
                Conventional transit is all the things we already have: land, sea, air and STL space travel. This is the way most people get around in their day to day lives. 
                FTL Cruising is when a vessel moves at speeds that exceed the speed of light under its own power. This form of transit is used by most privately owned space vessels. FTL drives allow vessels to make split second maneuvers around obstructions or drop in or out of FTL speed at a moment’s notice. FTL drives are common enough to be reasonably affordable, but smaller size or greater speed increase the price. FTL drives can be custom made at great expense.
                Hyper speed catapults are used to launch vessels through space at speed far more than most FTL drives. Catapults vary in power. The most common are used to launch small vessels between star systems. The most powerful are used to launch ships to other galaxies. The catapult networks are the highways of Nathareem. Entire planets depend on catapults and the revenue they provide to support their very biosphere. 
                Dimensional gates are what allow vessels to travel from 1 of the 7 know habitable universes to another or 1 of the newly discovered pocket dimensions. They can be created by a ship with a Gateway system, but are most often generated by Gate stations. A gate can only open in the same space in another but cannot open in space occupied by large solid objects.
                Spacial jumps allow for instantaneous transportation from 1 point in the same dimension to another. The distance depends on the power of the jump drive. Any object making a jump needs to be held in a sturdy container to keep it from being torn to pieces. There are many horror stories of jumps gone wrong. People still aren't exactly sure how Jumping works. The most common use of Jump drives is instantaneous transmission of good between nearby planets, but military forces use jump ships to quickly out maneuver enemy forces or escape from harm. 
                Portals are the rarest and most expensive form of transportation in Nathareem. They allow for person or small object to go from 1 location to another as easily as they might step through a door way. Portal systems only work in pairs but so far there doesn't seem to be a limit as to how far away a portals partner can be and the portal still function.
                There are quite a few Humans who have dedicated themselves to developing what they call the "matter/energy transporter". The system seems useful enough that they've received funding and attention. They're actually making progress, but it'll be quite some time before anybody's getting beamed up.
                “World Hopper” is broad classification for any ship capable both single-staged take offs and landings and at least 1 form of interstellar travel. World Hoppers are ideal for exploration, small scale transit, search and rescue, salvage, and much more. World Hoppers are also remarkably affordable.

                locations in Sosd, most of the Bwesha territories a few places in Kaer are under the control, influence and/or protection of 1 of Nathareem's major factions. These factions are each made up of multiple space fairing governments that have decided to work together. Most species are primarily associated with the coalition their home world's government is a member of, but there are colonies, ships, and individuals that have chosen to live under a different faction. In terms of game play this means that when creating a character, it cost more to have that character be part of a different coalition from the 1 their species is associated with.

Kamen Jusceya
                The Trade League will be discussed in The Emigrants so I won’t be describing them here.

Tarn Valep Telangra
                The Imperium, formerly the Valep Imperium, is 1 of Nathareem's great cautionary tales. The Valep are native to doomed planet that orbited a dead star some 20 light years outside Kal Utagee. At first, concurring the primitive Aroin was the only way to insure Valep survival. But when they started concurring other species they found they couldn't control all they had taken. The Imperium of today is a strict cast hierarchy. It takes serious achievements to get promoted, but ranks are inherited. With enough accomplishments over enough generations a family can achieve the rank of Emperor. 
                Imperium membership is entirely voluntary these days. Every citizen of the Imperium owes fealty to at least 1 person of higher rank and is owed fealty by those of lesser rank to them in chain of command. Rank also comes with territory to control, resources to manage and/or a service to perform to the Imperium.


Kelas Orhemg E Ulstrant Unis
                The Republic is a democratic collaborative government with a mandate to create the ultimate stellar government. In other words, they're the single most imperial entity known to Nathareem. They learned the Valep lesson well, and don't try to hold territory by force. Their way is political. They tempt, and they offer things only they can. The species that have joined the Republic have flourished and prospered, under the Republic.
                Republic citizens have access to special services and guidance from birth. This "pampering" insures each citizen's dependence on the state, allows the Republic to keep records of their citizens' activities and serves as an incentive for citizenship. The Republic is known for rapidly establishing complex infrastructure in new territories and constantly updating infrastructure ensuring a excellent standard of living. Criminals are punished by way of punitive labor, in fact, punitive labor is the life blood of the Republic itself. 

                There is much debate as to whether the Theocracy is or isn't a unified government. For the most part Ognowan is a religion that is practiced by the clear majority of multiple species. But many Ognowan don't see themselves as being part of a religion. Religion requires faith, but Ognand are proven and observed entities of great power and wisdom. The gods described by the primitive religions of most species are mere fantasies. 
                The Ognand are symbiotic life forms that do not grow old or die even as their host do. An Ognand and their host share a common consciousness, and when a host dies their memories become a part of the next host. In this way, the Ognand offer a form of immortality. And seeing as how those who host Ognand have the wisdom of multiple lifetimes it only makes sense that Ognand lead those who wish to follow them. 

Linik Es Fous

                The Confederacy is built on the principle of different species cooperating with each other without being forced to rely on each other. That's a polite way of saying, "we're doing our own thing. Shove your agendas." The Confederacy are species that have decent relations with each other. They protect and look out for each other but they don't meddle in each other's affairs any more than necessary. The only time they show interest in new species is when said species is only just entering their FTL era. Before their "corrupted" by the other super governments.
                Those who live under the Confederacy tend to live in tribe like communities that have chosen to either revive the ways of old cultures, adapt those cultures to use modern technology and/or build communities around entirely new styles and sensibilities. For example, of the humans who have joined the Confederacy there are communities of Amish, Celtic revivalist and Lemmy, an entire colony of goths. No matter how divers these colonies are they have learned to get along and accept each other’s' differences. (Even if they do trade slurs.) 

Galinad Qetar
                The Alliance is made up of species who have agreed to share their military assets. The various alien governments maintain much of their autonomy. Only military power and a hand full of territory under the direct control of the Alliance are affected by the agreement. The Alliance military is technically its own nation, organized as a military state with a mandate to protect the allies. The warriors of each species have come to think of themselves as members of the military culture rather than their ancestral culture. Regardless of how different the Frount and Yaboka are from each other (and they are very different) a military Front and a military Yaboka regard each other with more kinship then they do nonmilitary Frount or Yaboka. 
                The Alliance is a society based on responsibility, personal honor and collaborative effort. Segregation occurs only as required by special differences. The Alliance also has a built-in principle of regarding its charges (the allied species) as their priority. They've proved their willingness to destroy as many non-ally lives and resources any non-allied force makes necessary every time an occasion to do so has come up. It is a double-edged sword. The Alliance's reputation means that Alliance property is at a premium in criminal circles, which covers the expenses of organizing brutal and overwhelming pirate attacks. For better or worse, the Alliance responds with cold and calculated precision as well as terrifying force. Anything to ensure the survival of the allies and the progress of their civilizations.

                The Zeen or Collective is the technologically unified consciousness of A.I.s and cyber enhanced beings from all possible origins. Each and every Zeen is connected. They can think for themselves and even disagree with each other, but there are very few misunderstandings. They can simply share thoughts and feelings as they please. And in most instances, they opt the share nearly every little thing that pops into their minds. This does not mean that the Zeen are homogeneous, however. In fact, most Zeen take great pride in being distinct individuals. But they are also linked. When there is a general sense of unease, Zeen everywhere feel it. 
                Zeen tend to be suspicious of outsiders. People who aren't connected as they are can't be as empathetic to others as those who know what their wrongs feel like on the receiving end. But even the Zeen can be cut off from each other by sufficient distance. Close colonies are more connected to each other than distant counterparts. 

Kaset Fatharee

                The Syndicate is not a government. The Syndicate is a criminal power that actively seeks to undermine and destroy all law in Nathareem for their own profit. They dominate not by force, but by leaving people with no one else to turn to. Syndicate territory is a mix of hellish slums and opulent strongholds where power belongs to those who can take it. The Syndicate is only as organized as it needs to be to keep from being wiped out by the other forces of Nathareem. Legitimate governments are forced to "engage in civil discourse" with them at times, but always with the understanding that they are dealing with people who simply don't care who they hurt.
                In practice, all of this seems to have evened out. Someone must make sure roads get paved and fires get put out. People living under the Syndicate pay respects to their local "boss" (or whatever title they use), and said boss is gracious enough to provide some services to the community. There are more than a few bosses who hold their subordinates to an honor code that keeps them from abusing those who don't deserve it. And, of course, no "crime" can be committed without the local boss'e say so. As far as the citizens are concerned living under the Syndicate isn't much different than living under a "legitimate" government.

The New York Accord
                The New York Accord will be discussed in the novels, so for now all you get is the fact that they even exist.

                As I mentioned before most species are primarily associated with 1 of these governments, but there are individuals, families or even entire colonies that choose to be part of a different government. So no matter what species you choose to play as you can live in whatever form of society you choose. Be it the 2 faced political maneuvering of the Republic, the honorable service of the Alliance, the cut throat lawlessness of the Syndicate or whatever you please. And there's no shortage of people playing among the stars with no flag around their neck.

                There are always wars going on in Nathareem. They are kept well away from Sosd, only by virtue of the other major factions who would rally against any force that threatened the prosperity of Sosd. Most wars are border disputes in the Bwesha territories or Kaer. There's always some justification on both sides when war starts. Most major nations have around a 5th of their military force deployed in active combat at any given moment and another two-fifths deployed where war might break out.

                With enough practice and dedication any sentient life form with a fully functioning, biological brain can unlock their psychic potential. I won’t describe how psionics work just yet. But I will tell you that psychic powers require concentrated intent. People don't get so stressed out that they start wrecking the place with their minds or accidentally reading private thoughts. Also, the energy to power psychic powers come from the same source as the energy to lift one's arms. Work is work, and nothing can be done without expending energy.

                The following is a list of a few of the most common technologies a traveler of Nathareem is likely to encounter.

                Jumpsuits are worn on most ships, stations and bunkers on uninhabitable worlds. Most are designed to be worn in many different ways. They can be made to cover the wearer's entire body and seal against the vacuum of space or many other environmental hazards. But the gloves can be retracted into the sleeves and the head covering retracted into the back. Everything above the waist can be rolled into a belt. The boots can retract into the legs and the whole suit can be made to look like a pair of shorts. Finally, the area between the legs can open to allow for the wearers biological necessities. 
                Jumpsuits are species and gender specific by necessity, but otherwise built to accommodate a wide range of sizes. Jumpsuits can be customized by the user both for decorative purposes as well as additional functions. Most are adapted to help the wearer perform certain task or occupations. 


                In Sosd, you'd have to search long and hard to find a sentient being that doesn't have their own personal communication device, or Com. This is basically a space age version of the smartphones you and I know so well. They come in many different shapes depending on the species that developed them. The standard Com is capable of audio/visual communication both in real time and by way of messages. They allow the user to search for or deposit information to any available database. They allow for this information to be displayed in multiple ways.

                Carbon Forges
                Carbon forges are hand held devices that can reshape carbon into anything the user wishes. The device can be pre-programmed with any number of useful schematics or wielded freehand. Ropes, melee weapons, spare parts, diamond lenses, eating ware, writing materials, small containers, hand tools and much more can be produced using carbon forges. Because of the practically limitless applications of carbon forges they are a favored tool of anyone who travels Nathareem. 


                Humanity’s greatest contribution to Nathareem is their advanced genetic engineering techniques. Human genetic corporations can create biological constructs (biocons) 1 gene sequence at a time.  Some time they adjust the DNA of existing species, some life forms are built in pieces. There are entire lines of biocons than are mass produced and sold in the form of pre-fertilized eggs. People buy the eggs, apply a solution that sparks gestation, and when the egg hatches they have a Biocon to train and use as needed. Most biocons are sterile.


                Spacers are fond of using biocons as companions in their adventures. Some are built and trained for utilitarian task. Some are even used as weapons. Laws regarding biocons very with location, but most places treat them as service animals or even specialized machines. There are a lot of colonies, ships and stations that don’t allow animals, but make acceptations when it comes to biocons.



                Medical education is at a premium in Nathareem. There’s literally no limit to the dangers that can bring harm to a traveler. A pocket doc is a small device that can stabilize most injuries if applied in time. Pocket docs are species specific by necessity. Jumpsuits have special ports that allow pocket-docs to be administered.



                They aren’t as tall as skyscrapers and they don’t transform into air craft, but mechsuits are still a n invaluable asset in Nathareem. Mechsuits are versatile enough to replace most large construction vehicles. Mechsuits also see a lot of use in military work. A surprising application of this technology is rescue mechs that are programmed to seek out injured people and place them in the cockpit, which is outfitted with automated medical equipment.

                Every species has developed their own piles of myths and legends. Even in the days of FTL travel, some people continue to hold at least some of these myths as true or inspired by truth at least. Or they simply see value in the teachings and rituals of old time religion. While, science continues to show just how flimsy religious beliefs are, studies have shown that religious people do reap certain benefits from their faith. Whether these benefits are real or simply psychosomatic is a matter of MUCH debate. A correlation has been observed between the amount of faith exhibited and the effect it has on their lives.
                In game terms, religion grants a character a specific advantage based on their chosen faith. These religions have specific tenants to which the character must abide as a show of faith. And, of course, the most common followers of a religion are of the species that created it, but players may choose to have their character believe in any religion they wish if they follow any religion at all. 


                These are brief descriptions of 1 species from each of Nathareem's supper governments. They'll be described in full, complete with physical statistics and creation specifications, in the RPG. Also, the species of major characters in the Emigrants will be first depicted in those novels before being fully defined in the RPG.

Note: xenophilia will be an option in the game, but most species aren't sexually attractive to each other, or even sexually compatible. Some species (such as the Mendwar) do not breed sexually at all while others (such as the Soon Wan) reproduce in ways that other species find highly bizarre or fetishize. And breeding between species (with only a few exceptions) is impossible without the assistance of high end technology. When I first started rolling the idea of creating my own scifi I.P. I considered creating a plant species capable of procreating by using other species' DNA, but I put that concept on ice when Mass Effect was released. I might add them in later anyway.

                Native to Ethop, moon of Proll, Hane star system, Sanasa galaxy, Heen universe. They are members of the Trade League.
                Thelaki never grow larger than 4' in length not counting their fluffy tail that may well be longer then their bodies. They have plush fur that makes them look pudgy. They have long, pointy ears that may point in any direction they wish. In place of noses they have a narrow, vertical slit just above their upper lip. Their eyes re like large human eyes, but have strikingly bright colored irises. Their fur is colored in various shades of blue and they have stripes or spots in different patterns depending on ethnicity. Females have pail underbellies and between 6 and 8 teats, but this is the only obvious visual difference without examining genitals. Theleki have no trouble walking on only their hind limbs, but are far more comfortable going about on all fours. All 4 of their paws are far more dexterous then they appear. Most of their technology is built to be used with 4 little paws. 

                The Thelaki are unique among sentient species in that only a around 20 percent of their species are sentient. Most only poses animal intelligence somewhere on par with Earth dolphins. Of those with sapient intelligence very few are high spectrum intelligence. There is no known way of determining whether a new born Thelaki will be sentient or not. A sentient Thelaki is just as likely to be born to a non-sentient Thelaki as a sentient 1 and the opposite is true as well. This has stunted their cultural development but hasn't seemed to stunt their scientific advancement. Most of their species doesn't understand how computers work, but those of them that do understand have made their species what it is today.
                Even intelligent Thelaki are born from, raised by and live around non-sentient Thelaki, so they have no compunction to running about naked and eating raw flesh from fresh kills or even copulating with non-sentient Thelaki. There is a system in place for determining if a new born Thelaki is sentient and educating those that are. Even non-sentient Thelaki can be trained to perform specific complex task. A great deal of them are trained for combat.
                Thelaki cities are made by strategically planting trees and constructing nest within them. Sentient Thelaki tend to place their nest close to each other so they can share electricity and information easily. Production facilities are built far enough outside the groves that their smells don't disturb non-sentient Theleki. There are trails for vehicles between trees. 

                Thelaki are often considered vulgar and even disgusting. They are brutally honest, they eat raw animals, they crap anywhere they can bury it and they are prone to fornicating in open public. And then there are the non-sentient Thelaki that can't even be told that they've done something taboo. There are Theleki that actually put effort into learning all that nonsense about manners and social conduct so they can work with other species as needed.

                Their best relations are with species inclined to think of them as cute. But not all of them appreciate it. The primary difficulty is the way most other races treat non-sentient Theleki. There are some places where non-sentients are treated as pets. When sentients catch wind of such places they tend to react with savage violence and brilliant tactics.

                Native to the planet Glekcht that once orbited the dead star Pala that was once a short distance from Kal Utagee.

                The Valep clearly evolved from of crustaceans. They have 6 legs and 2 arms on either side of a centaur like torsos ending in hands with 4 opposing fingers. They have thick exoskeletons that they carve and paint to decorate themselves, some well off Valep even go so far as to stick jewels or metallic emblems to themselves so their shells grow around them. They have bright purple flesh with silvery grey exoskeletons. They have been ethnically homogenized by their long and ancient journey from Glekcht, but they are slowly developing new regional genetic traits. Females have thicker exoskeletons that make them slightly less mobile, but also have a shelf like formation on their back that they use to hold up to 6 fertilized eggs that are a little larger then dodge balls.

                Valep no longer rule the Imperium, but they are still part of it. The days of Valep being judged collectively for the sins of their ancient ancestors aren't quite over yet, but in the Imperium, they have fully shed their bad reputation. Even modern Aroins speak of their concurring by the Valep praisingly. The only thing keeping the Valep from the highest office is their reputation with the other great forces of Nathareem who are loath to see Valep at the head of the Imperium once more.
                Females decide how many of their eggs they choose to fertilize and who they allow to fertilize them. Valep women often "shop" for fathers for their children, but many of the major families fertilize their eggs in accordance with prearranged breeding treaties, some of which date back to Glekcht. In modern times, a significant amount of Valep eggs are fertilized by correspondence. For a man to reject a woman's request of fertilization is considered arrogant, but if there is a good enough objection this is excusable.

                Valep who interact with other species (especially those outside the Imperium) do so with care. It's not just their ancient reputation that they have to worry about. They are larger than many other species, covered in hard (possibly sharp) exoskeletons and they have to control the volume of their voice. Valep are raised to be patient and tolerant with other species - within reason. 

Bosef & Gartee
                Native to the planet Cape in the Hekoly system of the Kal galaxy of Galt. Primarily associated with the Republic.
                The Bosef are the females and the Gartee the males of the same species, but they absolutely refuse to acknowledge it. The Bosef and Gartee are avian creatures about the size of humans but much lighter. Their wingspan may be as much as 15 feet in adults. The bend in their wings is hard so they can use their wings to stand and walk when not flying. What would have once been their legs are now used as arms that still bare a resemblance to the talons their ancestors had, but are much more dexterous and not as sharp. Their brains are in their upper backs so their heads are only as big as they need to be to accommodate eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Males may have 5 different colors while females will never have more than 2.


                The Bosef and Gartee breed less than most other species but live about twice as long. Their society is primarily made up of matriarchal clans. The Bosef view Gartee as resources for labor or breeding. In in pre-republic times the number of Gartee eggs allowed to hatch was decreased, due to a growing reliance on more reliable technology. Under the Republic the Gartee have been equal to the Bosef for generations, but that hasn’t stopped the Gartee from playing the victim card any time they see an opportunity for special treatment.


                The Bosef and Gartee are 1 of the 3 (or 2 of the 4) species who founded the Republic. It was an act of fear. The Bosef and Gartee hadn’t even sent a living being into space when they discovered a message from a distant system world. The message spoke of the transference of government power to an invading Empire the message referred to as the Valep. The Bosef and Gartee dedicated themselves to developing their space travel technology. When they finally made contact with another species they hastily formed an alliance to protect themselves. The Republic has kept the Bosef and Gartee safe, but at the cost of their autonomy.



                Native to Nurl, moon of the planet Ha in the Yoj system of Lololo Heen, An Ognowan world.

                Klust resemble Earth snakes except for their forward-facing eyes and tails that split into a cluster of 7 prehensile tentacles. They can grow to be 14 feet long, and weigh as much as 350 pounds. They have bands in colors and patterns determined by ethnicity, but their scales grow lighter as they age. Some elders are even albino. Klust have teeth and are able to chew food, meaning they don’t swallow food whole.


                Klust are social by nature and rarely do anything alone. They are not prone to secrecy and have little concept of modesty. They have mastered the balancing act of caring for the feelings of others while expressing their own feelings. There are artist who joke about their favorite critics being Klust. When a need for violence arises, Klust deal with it with brutal determination, to end the situation as quickly as possible.

                This social attitude extends to their breading habits. Klust are naturally polyamorous and raise their offspring communally. Every community has their own way of remembering who’s related to who so they can prevent inbreeding.


                Most Klust are Ognowan who live by the example of the Ognand and aspire to be host 1 day. Ognand bonded to Klust host find they have an easier time expressing their thoughts in ways others can understand. Klust work as negotiators and ambassadors for the Ognowan.



                Native to the planet Paal in the Ineta system of Sonasa Mil.

                The Ejolap’s most prominent feature is the bulbous balloon that allows them fly. This balloon is mostly transparent, but there are muscle fibers that allow them to reduce the amount of gas in their balloon. There are 4 large tentacles on the underside of their bodies that act as their arms, and 4 smaller tentacles they use to consume food. They have 2 large eyes on the front of their undersides that some humans describe as being “unnervingly cute.”



                Ejolaps reproduce sexually and have male and female sexes. They only form sexual relationships for the purpose of breeding, and those relationships rarely last longer than it takes the resulting child mature into childhood. Both genders are equal in most Ejolap societies. As members of the Confederacy, Ejolaps live in tribal communities that are accepting of each other even if they don’t agree on most things. In many cases the Confederacy is the only thing they all agree on. Even communities that openly hate each other are bound to support and defend each other despite their differences. And many have better relations with tribes from other species.


                Shortly after developing radio communication the Ejolap detected an electric signal coming from a distant star. The scientist who studied this signal soon discovered, to their awe, that the signal was a radio transmission from an alien species, the Leshikami. The Ejolap quickly sent a targeted signal in an attempt to establish inter-planetary communication. Signals required months to cross the distance between planets, and overcoming language barriers was made more difficult by other nations on both worlds sending messages. But over time the two species established steady long range communication. The 2 species eventually started wondering to each other why they had wars on their planets when they were able to peacefully communicate with other species. They began to imagine worlds where people were free to be part of whatever culture they wish and each culture respected and supported each other. This ideology became the corner stone of the Confederacy.



                Native to the planet Bont in the Naminia system of Mannak Im. Primerrily associated with the Alliance.

                The Ra-O are mono-sexed beings who seem mostly masculine. They are taur like creatures with 4 legs and 2 arms. They are covered in fur and have tails. Their leg paws are similar to those of wild cats but their facial structure is mostly reminiscent of dogs or foxes with short snouts. They have 8 mammary glands and genitals are located on the under side of their lower bodies. Ethnicity influences the color and length of fur, the shape of the ears, and length of the tail.



                 The Ra-O are descended from animals who were domesticated by the Yad, a pre-FTL species who vanished for some unknown reason thousands of years ago. The Yad left artifacts of their technology that survive to this day. The Ra-O have taken advantage of what the Yad left them, and even gone so far as to surpass them. But while the Ra-O have given birth to enough scientist to achieve FTL travel they’ve yet to have all the philosophical leaders they need to develop a civil society like most space faring species enjoy. The Ra-O are racist against each other, murderous, and determine power based on combat ability. The only reason the different races of Ra-O haven’t killed each other off is that they’ve learned to stay out of each other’s way. Things are changing out in the colonies where Ra-O live in more sophisticated communities, but there’s a lot of work left to do. On Bont Ra-O live in city-states where leaders must fight their way to power. Each leader has a pride of lesser Ra-O who they impregnate. In the colonies, Ra-o live in families of equals where they take turns baring children.



                People are afraid of the Ra-O. They see them as a pretty, savage people who are 1 perceived transgression away from deploying weapons of mass destruction. The Alliance has been working with the Ra-O more than they’ve worked with any other. The Alliance has helped the Ra-O establish colonies, develop methods of education and infrastructure and given them numerous enemies to develop their military tactics against. They are, after all, the Alliance. Ra-O don’t have the same sort of hostile reaction to members of alien species as they do to another Ra-O. A Ra-O knows that another Ra-O wants the same things they do, which makes them competition.


Soon Wan

                Native to the planet Lepo in the Wan system of Tat Heen. They are a Zeen species.

                The Soon Wan are mostly known for the female variety, who are slender, have 4 eyes, crescent shaped ears, and fur that changes from a color determined by ethnicity to white when cold weather persist long enough.  Male Soon Wan are large, sessile, furry creature with large furry tentacles to ward off predators and several smaller tentacles to impregnate females, and a soft top where young Soon Wan are protected until they can find for themselves. For obvious reason, females are driving force of Soon Wan life.


                Soon Wan have developed a system of common responsibility where all are expected both to do their part to ensure a positive way of life as well as enjoy that way of life. Soon Wan are all gifted with an implant that allows them to share as much of their thoughts and feelings as they like. There are few misunderstandings, but there are still many different opinions. The most complex relationships are those between the sexes. Males, while being sentient, don’t seem to care about much more than responding to threats, caring for children and finding new and interesting things to do with females. Females who can live near enough to a male who doesn’t have too many females already enjoy cuddling up with them even when they don’t intend to breed. In some communities, the females take turns with males.


                Soon Wan joined the Zeen collective shortly after first encountering them. The Zeen connectivity technology allowed the Soon Wan to achieve the dream global peace for the first time in their history. But it also bound their species fate to that of the Zeen. There are more than a few Soon Wan who have elected to leave the collective. Those outside the collective often wonder if the Soon Wan are subtly brainwashing each other.



                Native to the Planet Datolabon in the Tar system of Sonasa Mil. Founding species of the Syndicate.

                The Mau resemble a cross between cephalopods and amphibious reptiles. They have 6 tentacles on their lower bodies starting just below their ribcages and a pair of humanoid arms that end in 2, 2 fingered hands that oppose each other like claws. Females will have a thick plate on their brow and much of their fore skulls that is almost wedge shaped. Males will have tusk protruding from their jaws. Their nose is a narrow, vertical slit between their eyes. Humans often describe the Mau as looking sinister.


                Mau have no formal laws or law enforcement. Rather, they hold themselves to a personal moral code. Those who live their lives mistreating others can only do so for so long before they catch the ire of a Mau whose code doesn’t allow them to let the innocent come to harm. Their species has been scarred by laws and authority. Such things are taboo.


                The Mau were just learning how to work metal when the Valep concurred them. When the Valep were deposed, the Mau left the Imperium. They formed a government that lasted for a short time before it became hopelessly corrupt and tried to join the Republic. After a short, yet very bloody, war to maintain their autonomy the Mau gave up on formal laws all together. But even a species as willful as the Mau needs allies in Nathareem. And so they helped create the Syndicate.



                Native to the planet Earth in the Sol system of Sonasa Ar. Affiliated with the New York Accord.

                The Kong are almost identical to their gorilla forbearers. They have the fur and body mass, but stand with humanoid posture. They’re fond of coloring their fur and even shaving patterns into it. They grow to 8 feet tall and can weigh almost 600 pounds.


                When the last gorilla on Earth died in 2077 it wasn’t hard to crowd fund an effort to revive the species. But rather than simply copy the originals, Wilson-Sokolov Incorporated decided to see if they could improve the design. The big question at the time was the genetics of sentience. There are less than a thousand Kong today, each of them is descended from the first 40 lab-borns. The Kong are their own people. No sentient species can ever be considered the property of another in the Accord. But they’re still trying to find themselves.


                The Kong are new to Nathareem and people aren’t all that sure what to think of them yet. They get along well with Humans, but they also have excellent relations with the Thelaki and Ra-O. Most other species see the Kong as an aspect of Human hubris; something the Humans did because they could.




                Nathareem is a story setting. I’m working on a table top RPG that will also act as the compendium of species, important locations, technologies and so on. I also have supplements in progress. I’ll need original artwork including illustrations of species, ships, equipment, maps, icons and character sheets. Those of you who play table top RPGs are familiar with the type of artwork needed.

                The Emigrants

                Humanity doesn’t know how close they are to discovering the secret of faster-than-light travel, but the other species who have been monitoring them for centuries do. For this reason, Kamen Jusceya commissioned the Emigrants Experiment. A small group from a space fairing species introduced into the environment of a species on the verge of space travel, like a vaccination.

                I’ll be needing illustrations and cover art as well as icons for various uses.


                Trading Card Game

                The Nathareem trading card game is based on ship to ship combat. Your deck is a combination of maneuvers, weapons and crew. Most of these are faction specific, but it is possible to make a factionless deck. Players will need to carefully decide what sequence they play their cards in as well as where they place those cards and even when they draw cards. There will also be rules

                I’ll need images for cards. This includes 30 images of the same ship more and more damaged to act as an optional life counter deck.


                Deck Building Game

                You are in charge of 1 of 4 vital functions needed to make a newly landed colony self-sustaining. The goal is to acquire and use resources effectively, and respond events that could easily destroy your fledgling community.



                Eventually I want to construct an official site with forums and social networks options. Fans will be able to find and purchase products through the site as well as arrange RL games and other events. A select few fans will be allowed to review fan fictions and fan theories to see if they are both entertaining and compatible enough to become part of the cannon.


                Other Media

                I want Nathareem to become something on the same level as Star Trek and Star Wars. But I also want to live up to the dream of cross media continuity. If I’m ever offered a movie deal, the first movie will be about Alex Nolen. And he will be the same Alex who outran the paparazzi with Rooroo on his bicycle. I see no need in acting like anything that was put on a screen or page as an official spinoff of something else should be ignored in later instalments of something else. 


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